Posted on Dec 19, 2018

NetCom IT Services, Inc.

1) All camera systems are generally the same.

2) There is not much difference between the picture quality in most modern cameras.

3) 4K Cameras are the best and all the same.

I have heard all of these statements before. They are not necessarily true.

If you are looking for a camera system for your home or business let me know and I can explain to you the differences and what to look for in a system to match your individual needs without spending more then necessary.

I will not give you reasons why you should spend more money on a better system, I will show you that you can still get an inexpensive system that has the quality you need.

It is true the camera that took the second picture shown above is less expensive then the camera that took the first picture, but what is it actually costing you to go with the less expensive camera?

A true case follows:
Person 1 damaged person 2s
property. Person 2 knew person 1 and recorded them on video. The case was dismissed because the video clarity was not good enough for the judge to rule in favor of person 2.

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